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We wish our graduates all the best

Half of the 35 graduates of Orkhon KhaSu International School’s class of 2022 decided to pursue their studies abroad. 14 of those who pursued study abroad have entered their universities and the remaining three are taking a GAP year to submit applications and are waiting for their results.

P.S. The ranking indicates that our graduates have been accepted into schools with world ranking among the top 100. Our graduates have been accepted to multiple schools including one with a higher ranking than their school of choice. However, financial aid and scholarship packages may have influenced their decisions.

The graduates who have decided to pursue their studies in Mongolia or to transfer abroad after the first 2 years are now studying at the National University of Mongolia - 7 graduates, the National University of Health Sciences - 2 graduates, the University of Science and Technology — 5 graduates, University of Finance and Economics 3 graduates and University of Humanities - 1 graduate.

We wish them all the best for their future learning.

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