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Mission: To be a knowledge center providing wide selections of books to fully meet the interests and intellectual needs of students and to support students to research, to broaden their knowledge, and to practice self improvement. 

Our school library has capacity for 50 students to sit and read at the same time. We have over 5000 collections including books, study materials, instruction manuals, CDs and DVDs.

Library features: It is our duty to help children of every age befriend both English and Mongolian books, and cultivate their intellectual capacity, linguistic skill and provide diverse knowledge.

Students can loan books for home or read in the library.

We have significant amount of English book collections due to the fact that we offer a bilingual education program to our students. We order our books from local and international markets based on readers’ demand, needs, interests, requests, professional teachers' recommendations, and societal trends.

Some of the book collections include:

  • Classics of World Literature

  • Classics of Children’s Literature

  • Best Novels of the 20th Century

  • “Terguunten” Mongolian Narrative Stories

  • Novels

  • Children’s novels

  • Mongolian Children’s Literature volume 1,2 and 3

  • Mongolian traditional intellectual books

  • Historic novels and short stories

  • Knowledge books

  • Series of 100 children’s books

  • Children’s finest fiction books 108 volumes

Activities organized among students and public:


  • Open library cards for all the students

  • Make a habit of writing book reports

  • Launch reading campaigns, award and promote them

  • Creating small and large books

  • Organize meeting between readers and authors

  • Arrange interview, debate, and informative lectures involving different kinds of topics

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