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School Badminton Championship was held successfully

The “Badminton Tournament”, the School Championship for the 2022-2023 academic year, was held on March 10th and 17th. The tournament aimed to promote physical education for young people through the sport of badminton, to develop it as a popular sport, and to improve the skills of young athletes.

Winners of the Championship:

1st-2nd grade, Boys Solo

Gold medal - Kherlen.S, grade 2а

Silver medal - Suld. G, grade 2c

Bronze medal - Yesun.U, grade 2b

1st-2nd grade, Girls Solo

Gold medal - Enkhkhuslen. E, grade 2c

Silver medal - Namuungoo.U, grade 2c

Bronze medal - Bolor.T, grade 2b

3rd-5th grade, Boys Solo

Gold medal - Mungungarid.T, grade 5b

Silver medal - Bilegt.J, grade 5c

Bronze medal - Meiranbek.B, grade 5а

3-5 дугаар анги, Girls Solo

Gold medal - Nomin-Erdene.E, grade 5с

Silver medal - Enkhlen.M, garde 3b

Bronze medal - Yesui.U, grade 3c

6th-8th grade, Boys Solo

Gold medal - Irmuun.N, grade 7а

Silver medal - Mungunbars.T, grade 7b

Bronze medal - Jangar.B, grade 7b

6-8 дугаар анги, Girls Solo

Gold medal - Khulan.A, grade 6c

Silver medal - Ananda.B, grade 8c

Bronze medal - Tselmuun.J, grade 8а

9th-12th grade, Boys Solo

Gold medal - Erdem.M, grade 10c

Silver medal - Margad.A, grade 10c

Bronze medal - Burenbayar.Ts, grade 9а

9-12 дугаар анги, Girls Solo

Gold medal - Nomundari.A, grade 12а

Silver medal - Khulan.E, grade 10c

Bronze medal - Enkhjin.E, grade 11а


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