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Primary School

The primary school offers Mongolian and English curriculum. Through a bilingual language program, we strive to prepare educated, ethical, and social-minded citizens with leadership qualities in this globalizing society while providing essential knowledge, and skills to be physically and mentally healthy.


The primary curriculum provides opportunities to develop essential skills of our native language as well as English language, learn historical developments, and appreciate cultural values which focuses on cultivating their creativity, talents and abilities, and learning skills through students’ capabilities and eagerness to learn.


Primary students are divided into junior primary (1st – 3rd grade) and senior primary (4th and 5th).


For the 1st to 5th grades, students are taking 35-hour classes per week of which 19 hours are taught in Mongolian and 16 hours are taught in English.


Subjects in Mongolian are as follows:

  • Mongolian language

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Social studies

  • Drawings

  • Dancing

  • Music

  • Physical education

  • Technology


Subjects in English are as follows:

  • English language (reading, speaking, listening, grammar)

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Global perspectives (4th and 5th grades)

Student development and activities: Civil education, life skills and out of class activities.


Professional instructors teach developmental subjects, drawings, dancing, music and physical education instead of traditional elementary teachers. Similarly, specialized instructors teach Mongolian language and mathematics in the 4th and 5th grades.


The grading system is based on each student’s effort and skills. Teachers will make sure to send grade reports detailing student’s achievement to their parents each semester.


At Orkhon KhaSu, we believe that appropriate amount of homework is an important factor for each student's achievement. All subject teachers coherently plan homework.


Desired daily homework load:

  • 1st grade:  30-35 minutes

  • 2nd grade:  35-40 minutes

  • 3rd grade:   40-45 minutes       

  • 4th grade:  50-55 minutes

  • 5th grade: 55-60 minutes


There are currently 390 students in 14 classes enrolled in primary level. All classes begin at 8.20am and finishes at 2.20pm. After classes, students may choose from over 10 different after-school activities. 

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