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Students won medals from Capital City Badminton Championship

Badminton players of Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School, participated in Capital City Badminton Championship 2022 in Nalaikh District successfully. Our school team of 11 badminton players showed exceptional skills and talents to win 3rd place.

Let’s congratulate all students and the students who achieved success in the singles and doubles.

Girls’ singles /age: 16-17/ Bronze medal – Nomundari.A, grade 12а

Girls’ singles /age: 14-15/ Silver medal – Khulan.E, grade 10c

Boys’ singles /age: 14-15/ Bronze medal – Erdem.M, grade 10c

Girls’ singles /age: 12-13/ 4ht Place – Tselmuun.J, grade 8а

Mixed doubles /age: 16-17/ Silver medal – Nomundari.A, grade 12a Silver medal - Khulan.E, grade 10c Silver medal - Erdem.M, grade 10c


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