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Our student team won First Place in the Khan-Uul district “Ikh Nuudel” chess tournament

Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School, Students’ Team won First Place in the Khan-Uul district chess tournament among 18 schools and 482 participants as part of the “Ikh Nuudel” or “Grand Movement” chess championship of secondary schools.

In the tournament, 12 boys and 12 girls of 1-12 grades competed and they won 7 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal individually.

Gold medal: - Gerelt-Oyu.Ts grade 1v - Bolor-Uyanga.N grade 2v - Enkhlen.S grade 4v - Munkh-Amgalan.M grade 4v - Indra.E grade 5v - Irmuun.N grade 7a - Enerelt.B grade 9a

Silver medal: - Tushig.T grade 6b - Baasantsengel.B grade 8b - Nyamtsengel.B grade 10b

Bronze medal: - Namunzaya.E grade 3a

We wish all the success for our student chess players for their next competition.


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