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Online meeting with graduates

Orkhon KhaSu, Cambriddge School’s graduates from the class of 2017 and 2019, Duurenbileg.B, Bat-Uyanga.B, Ninjin.T and Duurenbat.B had a two-hour online meeting with the 10th-12th grade students to give advices such as how to study successfully, how to choose their majors, what points helped them to receive scholarships, how they are supporting their life while studying, advantages of participating student exchange programs and how to do practical training while studying.

These graduates are studying business administration and data science at the SP Jain university on 90%-100% scholarships. SP Jain business school students study at Singapore for the first year, at Dubai for the second year and at Sydney for the last two years while data science major students complete their studies in Sydney.

Duurenbileg.B and Bat-Uyanga.B are graduating this year and they have already received job invitation from the companies they have trained during their studies.

It was pleasure to witness successes of our graduates. We wish all the best for your future endeavors.


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