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“Career Day” organized successfully

Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School, organized a “Career Day” for its 11th and 12th-grade students to introduce different professions and give detailed information about different professional paths.

During this event, 12th-grade students prepared information and introduced their profession of choice in addition to inviting 2 guest speakers parents with different professions to present their professional work and to discuss the pros and cons of their industries for the students. This year we have IT Engineer Mr. Batbayar, father of 9v student Khulan, and Nurse Tsogzolmaa, mother of 10v student Bayanmunkh introducing their professions. Our guests gave important information about the peculiarities, scopes, requirements, and opportunities of their industries,

From our 12th-grade students, Nomuundari A., Onorbayar S., Khulan B., Turbold E of 12a class and Anudari U., Enkhmend B., Enkhjin B., Khantushig G., presented their professions of choice.

We appreciate parents and students who participated in this event.


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