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“The Torch” school official newspaper published

“The Torch” the official newspaper of Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School, will be released in English every other month. Currently, the newspaper publication team includes 15 members from the high school along with guiding teachers Gener and Joy.

Editorial members: Ts.Mandakh 12A, M.Giiguulen 12A, Kh.Anudari 11B, P.Oyunchimeg 12A, B.Ankhilmaa 12B, U.Boldbayar 12B, O.Enkh-Amgalan 11B, N.Aruinsanaa 10A, B.Duurenjargal 10A, M.Enkhsoyol 10A, Oyun-Erdene 10A, D.Otgongerel 10A, and B.Undral. Art members: E.Uyanga 12A and B.Tuvshinzaya 10B

The 10th and the 11th graders are invited to join the newspaper team, interested students can contact 12A student Ts.Mandakh( or 11B student Kh.Anudari(

In addition, the newspaper team accepts photographs, drawings, articles, and writings through google forms posted on the school student council's Facebook page.

Please click on the below link to read the initial issue of The Torch newspaper for November and December.


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