The Orkhon Khasu International School is a bilingual school which always welcomes students who are interested in applying. Please see the official application process below. 

Step #1: Checking for vacant slots

Schedule a visit with the training & development managers responsible for the application process to check for slot availability.  (Contact us) If there is an available slot, the application process may proceed.

If there is no available slot, we will consider your child on our waiting list.

Step #2: Application form

Download the application form and submit the filled out form to the training & development managers by email or in person.

Step #3: Application fee

The application fee is 30,000 MNT, non-refundable, and must be received by the finance office. The payment receipt should be handed over to the training & development managers responsible for the application process.

Step #4: Entrance examination

We try not to make the entrance examination well suited for applicants to have an opportunity to show their potentials. However, we have to score entrance exams to determine who gets admission in instances when we have limited slot available.


Entrance examination subjects: Students seeking entrance in the grades from 1-5 will be taking examinations in Mongolian language, Mathematics, and English (provided that a child has taken English previously). Students applying for grades from 6-12 will be taking examinations in Mathematics and English.


Examination type: Written


Examination result: The result will be available within 1-2 days and we will contact you to inform your child’s examination result. If your child successfully passed the entrance examination and is being considered to proceed the enrollment, parents should gather following documents and submit them to the school.

Step #5: Required documents
  • The student’s personal school report

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate

  • A copy of the Identification card of the student and the parents or the legal guardians

  • 2% (2x2) recently taken photographs of the student

  • Detailed personal information form to register into MECSS’s (Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports) database

Application Process

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