Student Council

Mission: Student council conducts transparent and open activities involving all classes of the school, protects students’ rights, and reveals pressing issues facing students and assisting them in resolving the issues. Therefore, the decisions made by student council must be in the best interest of the students, and it aims cultivating students to become active individuals of the society.

Key functions of the student council: The main functions of the student council are organizing meetings and conferences, running volunteer programs, setting up informational bulletin boards, to raise awareness and encouraging fellow students to realize their personal rights and responsibilities. These activities are aimed to prepare cultured and compassionate individuals with desire for self development by independently learning from others.  

Consultant teacher: N. Sunjidmaa

  • Provide guidance and support to the Student Council’s work

  • Keep financial records, assist the Council activities

President of the Student Council: S.Enkhsolongo /9b grade/

  • Organize and inform Student Council meeting dates

  • Supervise roles of the Student Council members

  • Become a bridge between School Administration, Parent Council, and other non-governmental organizations by maintaining frequent contact.

  • Prepare and cultivate the future members of Student Council

Secretary of Student Council: A.Jargalmaa /12a grade/

  • Coordinate with the President on meeting agendas and prepare for meetings

  • Take and distribute meeting minutes to members

  • Maintain student council files

  • Receive and file the suggestions and feedbacks

The Student Council members:

-  O.Namuun           /12а grade/ 
-  E.Enkhmunkh      / 12а grade/ 
-  B.Munguntsetseg / 11а grade/ 
-  G.Odbayar           / 10а grade/ 
-  O.Khangerel        / 9а grade  / 

-  N.Nomin              / 9б grade  /
-  Ts.Yalguun           / 8б grade  /  
-  Ts.Mandakh         / 8а grade  / 

-  O.Suvd-Erdene    /7б grade  /
-  Kh.Anudari           /7б grade  / 


 Controlling Council Role:

  • Make sure all the students wear the school uniform

  • Eliminating tardiness as priority consideration

  • Supervise and monitor activities organized by the Student Council

  • Work as a bridge connecting students and teachers, encourage their innovative ideas

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