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Introducing the winners of Spelling Bee competition

We’re introducing the winners of the second semester Spelling Bee competition. 2 students from each grade from the 3rd to the 11th grades participated in this competition.

Let's congratulate the winners:

Primary level 4B Munkhtushig-1st place with 72 points 5B Enertushig-2nd place with 62 points 3B Enguun-3rd place with 57 points

Middle school level 6B Temuulen.E-1st place with 90 points 6V Margad-2nd place with 82 points 6A Anand-3rd place with 72 points

High school level 11A Odbayr-1st place with 56 points 9B Tuguldur-2nd place with 46points 9B Ankhilmaa-3rd place with 24 points


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