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Congratulations to District Geography Olympiad winners

The National Geography Olympiad of the 2021-2022 academic year included 164 students from the 9th and the 12th grades, and 22 teachers at the Khan Uul district level. Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School, teachers, and students have successfully participated with the following achievements.

In the 12th grade division, Belgutei B. of the 12b class won the gold medal, Ariunaa Ch. of the 11a class and Enkhjin B. of 11b class won the silver medal and Tengis B. of the 10a class placed in the 7th to earn his position in the next level UB city olympiad.

In the 9th grade division, Nyamtsengel B. of the 9b class won the bronze medal, and Lkhagva-Ochir M. of the 9b class and Mend-Amar G. of the 8b class are placed in the 10th and 11th to earn their position in the next level UB city olympiad. Our teacher Lkhagvasuren B. won the bronze medal in the teachers’ category.

Congratulations to our students and teacher! We wish them success in their next rounds.


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