China Cuisine Experience


9年级ab班的学生和汉语老师一起举办了中国美食体验活动。 学生们从课堂上学到中国的饮食文化,并对中国菜产生了浓厚的兴趣。为了让学生真切的感受中国文化,更好的学习汉语,汉语老师组织九年级ab班的学生们一起,在学校的餐厅举办了做中国菜的活动。 师生们一起去菜市场准备活动所需食材,然后一起做中国菜,还包了最有中国特色的饺子,大家一起非常开心,最后学生们坐在一起品尝中国菜。大家纷纷表示,这是一次很有意义的活动,不仅吃到了好吃的中国菜,而且了解了更多的中国饮食文化。

China Cuisine Experience

The students of the 9th grade made delicious Chinese traditional cuisine with the help of their Chinese Language Teacher. The students learned about Chinese culture through cuisine, moreover, displayed strong interest in Chinese cuisine. In order to let students truly feel the Chinese culture and learn Chinese language better, our Chinese teacher taught the 9th grade students to make their own Chinese dishes in the school's cafeteria.

The teachers and students went to the market to prepare the ingredients for their activity, and made Chinese dishes together. Their dishes included Chinese dumplings which can taste very different than Mongolian dumplings. Finally, the students sat together for a very meaningful meal. Everyone was very happy because not only did they eat delicious meal, but also learned more about Chinese culture.

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