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Chess Championship held successfully

Chess Championship has been successfully held at Orkhon KhaSu Cambridge International school. Students competed in the four sections of 1st-2nd grades, 3rd-5th grades, 6th-8th grades, and 9th-12th grades.

Congratulations to our winners!

BTW: We have awarded some winners of the last year’s Chess championship as shown in the photos.

Chess 1st-2nd grades, boys Gold medalist- 2v Turmunkh.Ts Silver medalist- 1a Bilguun.A Bronze medalist- 1a Soyombo.T

Chess 1-2nd grades, girls Gold medalist- 2b Enerel.J Silver medalist- 2a Nomunzaya.E Bronze medalist- 2b Sarnai.A

Chess 3-5th grades, boys Gold medalist- 5b Tushig.T Silver medalist- 3v Munkh-Amgalan.M Bronze medalist- 5b Mendbayar.M

Chess 3-5th grades, girls Gold medalist- 3v Giiguulen.G Silver medalist- 5a Munkhjin.J Bronze medalist- 4v Indra.E

Chess 6-8th grades, boys Gold medalist- 7b Baasantsengel.B Silver medalist- 6a Irmuun.N Bronze medalist- 6a Amartuvshin.A

Chess 6-8th grades, girls Gold medalist-8a Enerelt.B Silver medalist- 6b Enkhjargal.B Bronze medalist- 6b Khostsetseg.M

Chess 9-12th grades, boys Gold medalist - 12a Giiguulen.M Silver medalist - 12b Boldbayar.U Bronze medalist - 12a Tugsjargal.G

Chess 9-12th grades, girls Gold medalist- 9b Nyamtsengel.B Silver medalist- 11a Ariunaa.Ch Bronze medalist- 10b Maralgoo.T


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