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Boys team won bronze medal at the ”Ulaanbaatar League” championship

Orkhon KhaSu, Cambridge International School’s, boys team won bronze medal in middle school division of ”Ulaanbaatar League” championship organized among all secondary school students under the initiative of the Capital city Mayor. 85000 students of 6413 teams from 121 secondary schools of 9 districts competed in the Championship. This achievement made us the only private school that won medals in all divisions of the city championship: primary, middle and high school.

Our team won bronze medal after 5 wins and 1 loss. During the group stage our team won the winners of the gold medal, 33rd school team, by 23:16 and experienced only one loss to the winners of silver medal, Nalaikh school team, by 30:32 at the quarter final stage. We are proud of our team players who became the hardest competitors for other teams and thank you to our coaches, PE teachers Batbyamba E and Galdantsogt G.


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