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Spelling Competition was successfully held

November 17, 2018

This school year’s first spelling competition was successfully held. Students from 3 categories compete in the competition.
Congratulations to the winners and we wish you the best for the final spelling competition in late May.


Level: Primary
The 1st place - Tsogzolmaa.S, grade 4b
The 2nd place - Tengis.Kh, grade 4а
The 3rd place - Khanmurun.G, grade 4b


Level: Middle school
The 1st place - Tuvshinsaikhan.B, grade 8a
The 2nd place - Temuulen.E, grade 6b
The 3rd place - Anujin.B, grade 6b


Level: High school
The 1st place - Giigulen.M, grade 9a
The 2nd place - Anima.B, grade 11a
The 3rd place - Khangerel.O, grade 10a








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