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Teachers received Dale Carneige Course Certificate

February 6, 2018

Recently at the Davos World economic forum, Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, had stated that “soft skills” must be taught in the education system to replace the current knowledge based method of teaching. This is due how there are dangers of losing to computers and machines, and the way to prevent that is to teach children “soft skills.” Supporting this claim is the study performed by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center has found results indicating 85% of job success is from “soft skills” and people skill, while only 15% of success is from “hard skills.”


Due to the importance of “soft skills”, our school’s long-term plans have prioritized high levels of “soft skills” in our graduates. The first step of this plan is to improve the “soft skills” of our staff. Therefore, during the long school holidays we have participated in the Dale Carnegie Course for Skills for Success consisting of 8 sessions of 24 hours successfully and received our certificates.


Let’s praise the staff, who are recent graduates of the 106 year old Dale Carnegie course. Welcome them to the community of 9 million alumni from 90 different countries.


P.S, The course, referred to as “Very Expensive, Very Nice,” does not disappoint as we all agree that it speaks up to its name.








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