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"Understanding and respecting others' difference" lecture for the 6-8 graders

The first stage of being a teenager is between the ages of 10 and 12. In this stage, they face many problems, such as how to communicate with others. They dislike receiving criticism for themselves and showing their disadvantages to others. Therefore, understanding and respecting each other gives the best communication solutions. Delgerjargal. B, our middle and high school social worker, has presented to the 6-8 graders about understanding and respecting others’ differences.

She made them take a test appropriate for their age, discussed the results of the test, and helped them come to the understanding that everyone should

n’t be the same as each other. The students came up with some of their own rules and policies that they may plan to carry out in the future.

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kip doc
kip doc
Apr 13, 2023

Developmental stages for children aged 6-8 are part of middle childhood. During this stage, children grow their problem-solving skills and confidence. They may build close friendships and learn to work in groups. At this age, children start naming their likes and dislikes, learn to count to 10 and identify colors. They may recite nursery rhymes, know their name and address, and play on a playground on their own


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