Students had successfully participated in the "World Scholar's Cup"

Two middle school, and one high school teams from Orkhon Khasu school had successfully participated in the "World Scholar's Cup" competition, and all of them are invited to the next International Rally. Congratulations to all the successful students. This year the students who have went are enthusiastic about participating next year with the experience they've gained, along with other 10 teams.

The World Scholar's Cup competition was held in Ulaanbaatar, for the second year in Mongolia, with 422 students from 15 international secondary schools.

The contest is for teams of three students that compete in events called Team debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar's Challenge, Team Questions and Scholar's Bowl. All of the tasks are performed in English, especially the team debates.

This year, the theme of "An Entangled World" had been debated among students on topics such as human relationships, the history of diplomacy, black markets, the science of memory, braving the distance, and voices of the inseparable. The main purpose of the competition is to organize future thinkers and champions together form them compete with their intellectual and academic talents, to learn, and to become international scholars.

World scholar's cup competitions have been held since 2007, with 30,000 students participating in 125 cities across six continents. High-ranked teams have won the right to choose their location for the second stage of the World scholar's cup, from the cities Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Melbourne. The winners of this stage will be competing at Yale University in the final round.

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