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Career Day was held

“Career Day” was held among Orkhon Khasu International School high school students given the idea of the English teacher, Mrs. Espie. The purpose of the event was to offer students an opportunity to explore their personal interests and to learn from seniors and experts of different fields, providing students with an up-close and personal view and advice.

During the event, 12a students Uyanga.E, Altanadagina.A and 12b students Boldbayar.U, Yalalt.T presented their career pursuit and why they chose that particular major. Our parents as guest speakers, Odmandakh.B (Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, Legal Science) and Yondon.T (Orica Mongolia, Chemical engineer) shared their career experience and advised how to choose one’s future career.

We thank for our MCs,12a students Oyunchimeg P and Altandagina A. We appreciate for all organizing teachers, students, parents for their invaluable advice and participating high school student.

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