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“Orkhon KhaSu Cup-2018” soccer futsal tournament

March 21, 2018

“Orkhon KhaSu Cup-2018” soccer futsal tournament for children under 10 had been successfully hosted. This event was co-organized with “Erchim” club with aim of developing children’s teamwork and behavior skills, school soccer team, and soccer as a sport in general.


Let’s celebrate for all the teams who have participated in the CUP.

The First Place - Team 3a /Team leader Khangai.Ch/
The Second Place - Team 3b /Team leader Suldtur.B/
The Third Place - Team 2b /Team leader Jangar.B/


Congratulations to Khangai.Ch from 3A, for being awarded as the best player and striker, and Battulga.B from 3A, for qualifying as the goal keeper of the game.








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