The winners of the first term's spelling competition

The Spelling Competition was dividing into groups for the 3-5th graders, the 6-8th graders, and the 9-12th graders. Furthermore, competition had two stages. Although the groups featured students from different grades, the students only had the task of correctly writing down words corresponding to their grade.

The first stage featured every students, whereas the second stage featured only the two designated pairs from each class. Although the Spelling Competitions were previously held annually, we will hold compitetions each term due to their effectivenes.

The following changes will be applied starting from the next semester. * The policy to designate words based on an individuals grade will remain the same. However, 50% of the words will be derived from the list of mandatory books to read. * Five students from each class will participate in the second stage of the competition instead of only two. * The top three from each group in the second stage will have their names called and will be handed an award in front of the students. * The individuals who have reached the second stage from the competitions held in the first,second,third, and fourth quarters will be given the chance in May to participate in the open competition front of their parents. * The top three from each group in the open competition will be given a gift card from an english book store for value of 60000,45000, and 30000 MNT.

Let's congratulate the second stage winners of the first term spelling competition.

3rd to 5th grades:

The First Place – Enertushig.Kh 4b grade

The Second Place – Anand.G 5a grade and Temuulen.E 5b grade

The Third Place – Binderiya.N 5b grade

6th to 8th grades:

The First Place Enkhsoyol.M 6а grade

The Second Place – Anujin.B 7b grade