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The first English forum was organized

May 3, 2017

Among the students of 9th-12th grades, the first English forum was organized under theme of “Fear”. The students of 9th-12th grades participated voluntarily and the forum film is posted without any edits. In order to allocate fair amount of time to reply for every student, each round of questions are asked from different students. 


We believe those students who came for the forum but left because of filming will have courage and self-esteem to participate in future forums.

We are glad to find ways to improve on future ones based on the first forum. From the next academic year, we plan to hold regular forums in two sections: 6th-8th grades and 9th-12th grades on the topics identified by students. 


Organizing forums regularly, we support students’ English speaking skills and encourage them to develop their competences in following areas;

- Open minded self-expression
- Confidence in front of camera
- Respecting opinions of others







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