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Capital City Badminton Champions

May 1, 2017


Let's congratulate our students who successfully participated the Capital City Badminton Championship, Ulaanbaatar 2017.


Girls’ singles /age: 8-11/
Gold medal – Enerelt.B, grade 3а 
Silver medal – Nomundari.A, grade 6a
Bronze medal – Batnomin.B, grade 6a 


Boys’ singles /age: 8-11/
Gold medal – Azjargal.B, grade 3b 
Silver medal – Erkhnaran.U, grade 3b
Bronze medal – Tsenguun.E, grade 3b


Boys’ singles /age: 13-14/
Gold medal – Nyambayar.B, grade 8b 
Silver medal – Telmuun.E, grade 8b 
Bronze medal – Tuvshinsaikhan.G, grade 8b


Girls’ doubles /age: 8-11/
Gold medal – Nomundari.A and Batnomin.N, grade 6a 

Boys’ doubles /age: 13-14/
Gold medal –Nyambayar.B and Tuvshinsaikhan.G, grade 8b


Mixed doubles 
Gold medal – Tsenguun.E /grade 3b/ and Nomundari.A /grade 6a/ 
Silver medal – Erkhnaran.U /grade 3b/ Batnomin.N /grade 6a/
Bronze medal – Azjargal.B /grade 3b/ and Enerelt.E /grade 3a/







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