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The Geography Trivia in English

April 26, 2017

Orkhon Khasu school organized Geography Trivia among 6th-8th grade students in English language. We proud of our students who have the courage and self esteem to participate actively, although participation in the trivia was voluntarily.


Since 2 years ago, the students of 6th-8th grades have been studying Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics in English language. They have started studying Geography in English language from the last year.


Let’s congratulate the winners of each grade. 


6th grade:
The First Place – Khulan.B 6a grade
The Second Place – Anujin.Bat 6b grade
The Third Place – Itgelt.A 6b grade


7th grade:
The First Place Tuguldur.B 7а 
The Second Place – Mandakh.Ts 7а 
The Third Place –Ariunzaya.E 7b 


8th grade:
The First Place – Bishuubazar.T 8b grade
The Second Place – Nomin.N 8b grade
The Third Place – Odongoo.S 8a grade







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