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Primeval Participation in The “Children’s Talent Festival”

April 26, 2017

Successful participation in the Khan Uul district Children’s Art Festival warrants a praise to all of our students who were involved. Students from 24 schools residing in the Khan Uul district competed to demonstrate their talents and prowess. 


From our school, 26 students participated, with the Huvchiin Salhi dance group guaranteeing 6th place, the Mongol Jaaluud music group earning 6th place in the elemantary group song section and Minjuur receiving honorary mention in the Solo singing. In the middle school section, “Girls’ Melody” band placed in the 7th place in the group singing and B. Munkhtsetseg received honorary mention in the solo singing. 


We appreciate for all students and their parents who made great effort for the festival. This year marks the first participation in this festival. We will be participating in the festival annually to support our students’ talent and avchievements.







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