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English Book Review Competition

March 29, 2017


Students from 6th to 11th grades participated in the “English Book Review” competition. Students read an English book and present what they’ve understood about the book within given period of time. Students who have secured a position in this competition were:


The 1st place - Namuun.N 11a grade 
The 2nd place - Ariungua.B 9a grade
The 3rd place - Gegeen.E 9a grade
Honorary mention- Ankhilmaa 7b grade 
Honorary mention - Unurbayar.S 6a grade


This competition will be hosted every semester among the 6th to 11th graders. Two weeks prior to the competition, students declare their book choice to the librarian and inform their choice to other students.


In the competition, each student introduces the book in 5 minutes followed by a question and answer session. Other participants can ask questions and are limited to 5 questions in total. Presentation, question and answer session, and presenter’s skills will be main criteria. 






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