A Month to Honor Our Own Athlete T.Enkhjin

A month lasting movement to honor and glorify 6b grade student T.Enkhjin has been successfully held at our school. Athlete P.Temuujin who participated in Taekwondo at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and B.Namuun, gold medalist at World Taekwondo Championship, came to the opening ceremony of the month movement to share their achievements and answer students’ questions. Together with T.Enkhjin, they performed Taekwondo demonstration routine for students.

In order to promote Taekwondo among students, T.Enkhjin’s coach came during physical education class to give speech about practicing Taekwondo, advantages of practicing Taekwondo and at the end of his speech he demonstrated light Taekwondo drill with the students.

T.Enkhjin talked with students and shared how he come to practice Taekwondo, at what age he started to practice, what kinds of competitions he participated in, what successes he achieved and what his future goal is.

We put up information board on our school’s bulletin board for one month in honor of T.Enkhjin.




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