Mongolian Alphabet Party For Elementary Students

It seems like yesterday when 6 years old children first walked into place called school and sat down in the classroom while thinking about their preschool toys and playtime. However, today, they have already gotten used to their classroom, school ground and classmates. This day, students showcase their reading, writing and calculating skills to their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters; and celebrate their accomplishment of learning Mongolian 35 alphabetical letters.

It is important for students to learn how to read and write in their mother language because it will further develop students’ ability to understand various things, freely express their opinion, and build basic foundation needed to continue their study in depth. For that reason, school was overflowing with warmth and laughter of 6 years old students who showed their individual talents, sang songs and read poems they learned during class to their ever so proud parents.

Let’s wish that our young and fun-loving students’ educational journey will be full of knowledge, as vast as the blue sea.




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